A Fair Price

The Cacao that Yumbos Chocolate uses comes from the areas of Los Rios and Esmeraldas. In this area we have implemented an ethical alliance with the AMATIF women’s association (Timbire Women’s Association for the Future). This association brings together almost 100 families, who have always cultivated the famous varieties of Fine and Aromatic Cacao (Criollo Blanco, Amendolado, Arriba y Otros) on small parcels. This is an important part of their culture and identity, a part of the heritage of their ancestors.

The cultivation is done with the use of traditional farming techniques. Such as, the presence of other fruit species in the same crop, plenty of space between trees. Also it is done with regard to the environmental conditions and the productive phases of the plants.



We support the women of AMATIF with improvements in the construction of the collection center and we have implemented a continuous training program in respect of the Fermentation and Drying to ensure that these early processes are well performed. We pay a fair price for the produce and help to ensure that value generated by their work remains in their community.