What is ‘Fine and Aromatic’ Cacao?

The name ‘Fine and Aromatic’ comes from the classification of the International Cacao Organization (ICCO) and indicates delicious aromas and flavors. This is the original variety of Ecuador, in its genes are varieties like Criollo, Trinitario, Arriba and others. This variety is the one that the great chocolatiers of the world look for, for its aroma and unique flavor. It represents only 4.7% of the world Cacao production. The rest of the production, or 95.3%, is classified as ordinary Cacao and has no aroma.

This type of Cacao is the indispensable ingredient to make the best chocolate in the world. The Codex Alimentarias (International Food Standards) says that a ‘Premium’ chocolate must contain at least 12% of Fine and Aromatic Cacao in its formula. We produce bars with 100%, 85%, 70% and 60% of Fine and Aromatic Cacao.



The uses and knowledge about the Fine and Aromatic Cacao varieties of Ecuador are an intangible heritage of the country. Traditional knowledge and practices related to cultivation, consumption, transportation and marketing are part of the history and culture that has remained constant over the centuries.

It is worth remembering the successful effort of Ecuador in implementing a large scale project to protect and promote the genetics of the Fine and Aromatic Cacao variety.