The Process

When it comes to the harvest, we only select the most mature fruit from the best trees.


The best seeds of Fine and Aromatic Cacao, fresh from the fruit, are selected and fermented using the box method, which has been one of the themes of the training provided to producers in the Esmeraldas area.


The drying takes about 15 days. After a few days the body of the seed begins to develop its characteristic colour. About 15 days later the seeds contain the 7% humidity necessary for the next processes.


The toasting process is done at 120 degrees for 40 minutes, its purpose is the following –
• Further develop and round off the flavour generated during the drying
• Reach a humidity of 3% within the beans
• Achieve a healthy and hygienic product


First Grinding
With the first grinding we break up the beans to facilitate the removal of the shells. This is done in front of a strong wind, the heavier cacao nibs are left behind while the shells blow away.


Cacao Paste
Then we proceed to the transformation of the nibs into the valuable cacao paste, the basis of our exquisite chocolate that Yumbos produces, extra dark bars of 100%, 85%, 70% and 60% purity of cacao and with natural flavors of coffee, aji, lemongrass, ginger and nibs.


Refining and Conching are carried out until the particles of the mix (cacao, sugar and cacao butter) have a dimension of 20-25 microns. This step also removes unwanted acids that can produce astringency.


Then we proceed to the tempering stage where the chocolate mass is cooled slowly to homogenize the components and crystallize them in the desired shape. Well tempered chocolate takes on a characteristic gloss which evidences the quality of its rich smooth creamy texture.